How to Cater Your Menu to Health-Conscious Customers

It’s hard to deny that our society is shifting towards healthier eating. How can your business cater to more health-conscious customers in your menu? Try these ideas: girl eating watermelon

  • First, keep your customers informed. Providing nutritional information, such as calorie counts, on your menu, or in an easily accessible place, will help people make choices that are right for them. This is also a great way to highlight the more healthful options you offer. Consider a special section of the menu dedicated to healthy eating.
  • Second, look at your options. Are you offering anything healthy? It’s hard to highlight what you don’t have! Options that are lower in calories, sugar, or carbohydrates are an easy place to start. Offer more fresh vegetables on your menu. Also consider vegetarian or vegan options. Not only do these tend to be healthier, but they also open your business up to the 7 million people in the US who eat a plant-based diet.
  • Finally, use a Quik n’ Crispy Greaseless Fryer to cut the grease, oil, and fat from your fried foods. Check out our menu for all the things you can make easier this way. Items like egg rolls, french fries, mozzarella sticks, and even pizza will be tastier and healthier than ever with an up to 30% reduction in calories.

Implementing menu changes isn’t always a snap, but with the Quik n’ Crispy fryers you’ll find it’s a lot easier. Plus, our customers agree that our greaseless fryers are well worth the investment! Contact us with questions and let’s get your business started on the healthy food plan.

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