Get Your Business Ready for St Patrick’s Day

 Four leaf clover on green backgroundSt. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re in the business of entertainment, it’s a great marketing opportunity. Check out some St Patrick’s Day marketing ideas to keep your customers excited and make them feel like they’ve found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Give them a reason to wear green. The fear of getting pinched isn’t the only reason to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day; offer customers a discount or freebie for showing their Irish spirit, like a free upgrade to a larger drink size or buy-one-get-one-half-off on entree items.

Hold a “luck o’ the Irish” contest. For example, each purchase earns you an entry into a drawing for a gift card or other prize. You can also upsell by setting a hurdle, like $25, and only allow customers who spend that much to enter the drawing. If you know what your average purchase price is, you can set the hurdle amount several dollars over that, encouraging customers to go ahead and splurge on that extra item they really want, like dessert or side items.

Serve up some traditional Irish foods! Fried mushrooms are part of a classic “full breakfast” or “Irish fry,” but they make a great snack any time of day or night. “The Chipper” aka local fish and chips shop is a hallowed institution in most Irish towns, so why not add fish and chips to your menu for the week or month of St. Paddy’s?

Of course no matter what time of year, our greaseless hot air fryers are the perfect complement to any family entertainment business. Check out our videos for more info about our hot air fryers!

How to Increase FEC Business Profits

Closeup of stack of moneyNo matter what kind of family entertainment center you mange, we have some simple tips to increase revenue at your business. Check them out below!

  1. Offer Excitement and Value – First and foremost, you should offer a valuable, fun experience to your customers so that they keep coming back. There is no substitute for providing amazing customer service and making the customer feel like they got enough “bang for their buck.” This includes making sure your attractions and facilities are exciting and well maintained, as well as training your staff to be friendly and helpful.
  2. Create a Rewards Program – Develop a rewards program so that customers have an incentive to keep coming back. Who doesn’t love the feeling of turning in a fully-punched loyalty card to get a FREE item? And who here can say that they’ve never spent a little extra knowing it will get them one step (or should we say “punch”?) closer to the reward?
  3. Invest in High-Profit Menus – Add an extra stream of revenue with concessions. Foods are high-profit for FECs and by purchasing a Quik n’ Crispy greaseless hot air fryer, you won’t need fancy new kitchen equipment or a culinary staff in order to expand your concession stand offerings. Our menus include diverse entree items ranging from chicken tenders to veggies, so you’ll be able to ensure that your concessions offers something for everyone.

Check out our videos or contact us at (972) 669-8993 for more info about our greaseless hot air fryers. Or you can shop our greaseless hot air fryers and order yours today!

Heart Healthy Eating for American Heart Month

Red heart balloons on a blue backgroundFebruary is Heart Health Month! That means that this month is the perfect time to start offering healthy menu options at your business or organization with one of our Quik n’ Crispy greaseless hot air fryers.

Taking care of your heart is so important, and today there are more ways than ever to make healthier choices without missing out on your favorite foods. Air frying is a great alternative to traditional grease frying. Our greaseless fryers don’t use oils to fry, which means that the food cooked in our Quik n’ Crispy hot air fryers contain 20% to 40% less fat and calories than the same food prepared in a traditional deep fryer.

By using our greaseless hot air fryers, you’ll be giving your customers healthy menu options. In fact, our menus include all the traditional fried food your customers love (just without all the grease, fat, and calories). You can also help server healthier menu options by choosing lean proteins like chick sausage or grilled chicken breast strips instead of fattier options like beef or pork. Vegetable options like battered cauliflower and beer battered zucchini slices are also great alternatives to traditional fried food. And of course, all of these options can be easily made in a Quik n’ Crispy greaseless hot air fryers.

So do your customers’ hearts a favor this American Heart Month by shopping our greaseless hot air fryers today. For more information our our greaseless hot air fryers check out our videos or contact us at (972) 669-8993. Your customers and their hearts will thank you for it!

Our 2019 Trade Show Schedule

Our booth from a previous tradeshowWe love our greaseless hot air fryers, and that’s why we’re so excited about taking them on the road in 2019! This year, we have lots of upcoming appearances at trade shows across the country including:

  • Texas Association for School Nutrition – We’ll be at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Conference Center in Grapevine, Texas on June 25, 2019  for TASN. The TASN is the second largest school food shop in the country. It will bring together hundreds of school district nutritional professionals, and we can’t be more excited to be going!
  • The National Association of College & University Food Services – The NACUFS conference will be held June 11-12, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. The NACUFS was founded way back in 1958, and today they continue to help college and university food service professionals get the resources and programs they need to excel.
  • School Nutrition Association – This national organization of school nutrition professionals will hold their conference on July 15-16, 2019 at the Cervantes Convention Center in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • The International Association of Trampoline Parks Conference and Trade Show – The International Association of Trampoline Parks will be holding their annual conference and trade show from September 16-18, 2019 in New Orleans. The conference is the only event of its kind in the world focusing on trampoline parks.
  • National Association of Convenience Stores – The National Association of Convenience Stores will be meaning in Atlanta, Georgia from October 8-10, 2019 at the Georgia World Congress Center.

We hope to see you there! In the meanwhile, for more information about our greaseless hot air fryers, you can check out our videos for more info!

Vegan and Vegetarian Done Right

Today, more and more people are choosing a vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based diet.

What Are Vegetarianism and Veganism?

A vegan diets consist solely of plant-based foods. That means no fish, meat (red or white), or any animal products, such as milk, eggs, and honey. Vegetarianism allows you to eat animal products like dairy and honey, but does not allows you to eat meat of any kind. Finally, a plant-based diet prioritizes plant-based foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, etc.) but doesn’t outright disallow meat.

Why Do People Eat Vegan or Vegetarian?

There are a lot of personal reasons why people eat vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based diets. Some people do it for health reasons or due to a love of animals. Others limit or eliminate animal products due to environmental concerns involving the farming industry. Many people do it for a combination of the three.

How to Include Vegan or Vegetarian Options on Your Menu

Regardless of the reason, the population of plant-based eaters is growing, so it makes sense to include some vegan items in your menu. Not having food options for so many of your guests runs the risk of making them feel unwelcome in your business, and that’s not good for anyone.

Thankfully, our Quik n’ Crispy hot air fryers are great for cooking vegan and vegetarian options. We have tons of great plant-based options on our menus. Plus with no grease to clean out, our hot air fryers are much easier to cook in without cross contamination between meat and plant-based dishes.

In fact, we were recently featured on the Jazzy Vegetarian with one of her wonderful vegetarian recipes! Check out the video below:

Quik n’ Crispy makes it easy to provide delicious, healthier menu options for all appetites! Check out our menu for more amazing vegetarian options and shop our greaseless hot air fryers online now.

Thanks, for Another Amazing IAAPA!

The Quik n' Crispy Booth at IAPPAIt is hard to believe that 2018 is almost over, and with it, another IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) conference has come and gone – our 26th, to be exact! The IAAPA conference is always a great time, and we can’t thank our customers enough for stopping by our booth to say hello this year.

We had the pleasure of interviewing several amazing customers at this year’s conference, and we wanted to take a moment to share one with you. Doug from Skate Galaxy owns one of our ventless hot air fryers for his skating business, and he was kind enough to share some of his thoughts with us:

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As we head into a new year, we would once again just like to say THANK YOU to all of our wonderful customers for your support. And if you’re new here, welcome! Please feel free to explore our blog, our healthier menu options, and shop online for a Quik n’ Crispy hot air fryer to add healthier offerings to your menu in 2019. With Quick n’ Crispy hot air fryers, you can offer your guests 20-40% less fat and calories than food prepared in a traditional fryer. Our fryers are great for restaurants, bars, amusement parks, zoos, family entertainment centers, sports arenas, skating centers, schools, hospitals, daycares, assisted living facilities, or any other business or organization that wants to serve up healthier menu options.

Here’s to a healthy, profitable 2019!

Start the New Year with Healthier Menu Options

“2019” written in sparkly red and yellowToday’s consumers are actively seeking out healthier menu options. So this year, give them what they want by sprucing up your business’s menu with some new, healthy food options.

One of the easiest ways to provide healthy menu options for your businesses is to invest in one of our Quik n’ Crispy hot air fryers! Our greaseless hot air fryers cook without oil or traditional deep frying. This means that the delicious food prepared in our fryers will be healthier and will contain 20% to 40% less fat and calories than your competitor’s food that was fried in a traditional grease fryer.

Our amazing fryers offer the opportunity to cook up a huge variety of foods, including a wide range of proteins, veggies and vegetarian options, breakfast, and dessert items. Check out of our menu to see just how many different types of food can be quickly and easily prepared in a Quik n’ Crispy hot air fryer.

With so many options, it will be easy to find great foods to cook in your new Quik n’ Crispy hot air fryer. Your customers will love the taste, and they’ll love the chance to avoid all the nasty negative health effects of eating too much grease.

So start the new year off right by offering new, healthier food options to your customers, all thanks to a new Quik n’ Crispy greaseless fryer. For more information about our amazing hot air fryers, browse our menus, check out our videos, and then call us at (972) 669-8993 today!

Preparing for the Holidays at Your Business

Santa surrounded by Christmas lightsThe holidays are upon us! Is your business ready for the holiday season? Fear not, because we’re here with some tips to get your business ready for the holidays:

  • Plan a holiday-themed event. If you own a family entertainment center, restaurant, or other kid-friendly venue, consider setting up a station where kids can do a seasonal craft to take home or set up a holiday-themed photo op for families. Make sure to clearly display your hashtags and social media handles to encourage your customers to document their experience and tag you on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • Get your business in the holiday spirit! Add a few holiday songs to your playlist and put up some holiday lights and decor. And most important of all, add holiday-themed drinks and food items to your menu. We have lots of great holiday items to add some festivity to your menu such as: turkey nuggets, egg rolls, roast chicken, breaded apple sticks, and cinnamon raisin biscuits. All of which will cook excellently in your Quik n’ Crispy hot air fyer!
  • Organize a holiday toy drive, food drive, or host a fundraiser to give back. You could even combine this with a holiday special. For instance, you could offer discounted admission when guests bring in a food donation from this list. Or you could offer free game tokens, a free holiday drink, or any other seasonal offering.

No matter the time of year, our Quik n’ Crispy hot air fryers are the perfect additional to your business. Check out our store for more info!

Healthier Thanksgiving Dish Alternatives

Thanksgiving turkey garnished with brusselsJust like Quik n’ Crispy hot air fryers allow you to create healthier menu options for your business, there are also lots of ways to make Thanksgiving dinner healthy too!  Here are some of our favorite healthier alternatives to traditional savory Thanksgiving dishes.

  • Pumpkin Mac ‘N’ Cheese – Pumpkin mac ‘n’ cheese is a great healthy alternative to traditional mac ‘n’ cheese. It’s easy to make and sure to impress. This healthy and hearty dish is the perfect fall treat to add to your Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Cauliflower “Mashed Potatoes” – We all know how fattening potatoes are. So instead of traditional potatoes, try cauliflower instead! When prepared right, mashed cauliflower tastes just like mashed potatoes, and can be just as smooth and dreamy (but without all the carbs).
  • Green Beans Almondine – This is a great alternative to traditional casseroles. With just 4 ingredients, this vegetable dish couldn’t be easier. Even though it’s simpler to make, it looks fancier than most casseroles.
  • Homemade Cream of Mushroom for Casseroles – If you do decide to make a traditional Thanksgiving casserole, you can still make it healthier. These substitutes for canned cream of mushroom soup are easy to make, and your casseroles will still taste just as good as always… Probably even better!

If you’re looking for ways to make your business’s menu healthier, our greaseless fryers are for you! Food cooked in a Quik n’ Crispy hot air fryer has 20% to 40% less fat compared to food cooked in a traditional fryer. Check out our Quik n’ Crispy menu for more info!

How to Offer Healthier Food Options

Close-up of french friesToday’s consumers want choices, particularly healthy choices! Millennials and Baby Boomers are looking for healthier options in many aspects of their lives, and especially when it comes to food. In fact, a report by Nielsen shows that these groups are even willing to pay more for healthier options!

This means that if you want your business to stay competitive, you should add healthier food options to your menu. A great way to do this is with a Quik n’ Crispy hot air fryer! Our greaseless fryers cook frozen foods without deep frying, causing your food to have 20% to 40% less fat and calories.

Here are just a few of the healthier options you can offer at your bar, restaurant, entertainment center, healthcare facility, or school. Check out our tips for giving your menu a health-conscious upgrade:

  • Lean proteins – High protein, low carb diets are very popular, so it’s important to give your customers options that reflect their dietary preferences. You can cook lots of lean proteins in your Quik n’ Crispy including chicken sausage for breakfast and grilled chicken breast strips for sandwiches or salads.
  • Veggie options – Vegetarian items or veggie versions of classics include beer battered zucchini slices and battered cauliflower. Either will be sure to leave your vegetarian customers happy!
  • Treats they love with less fat – Make sure your customers know that even indulgences like fries or wings have less fat when cooked in a Quik n’ Crispy. These classics taste just as good as the originals but with much less fat and calories.

Check out our menus to see the many possibilities the Quik n’ Crispy can give you so that you can give your menu a healthy update!