Payment & Purchasing

Purchase Option:

The list price of the Quik n’ Crispy Model GF II is $4,035 for the electronically controlled (EC) models. The Model GF5 is $7,815. The Quik n’ Crispy warranty is one year warranty on parts and ninety days on labor. Freight and handling of $125 for GF II orders and $325 for GF5 orders will be added to all orders.


Lease Option:

Around $3.50 per day!

Start serving up fast food profits with an initial investment of only $196.90 (first and last payment) plus a $199 documentation fee due at signing. If you have a satisfactory banking history, more than 3 years with good credit, and can provide the leasing company with 3 good trade references, you may qualify for a Quik n’ Crispy® lease. Typically, we will find out within 24 hours from submission of your lease application whether you are approved to lease a Quik n’ Crispy.

Leasing conserves your cash, and may provide you with tax advantages. A prepayment of $196.90 is your initial lease payment for a 60 month lease on a mechanical unit. After making all of your monthly payments, you have the option of returning your Quik n’ Crispy or purchasing it for the 10% residual. The purchase option price for the mechanical model is $277.00. All figures are estimates as rate factors do fluctuate. Payments are plus the applicable sales tax.

Lease Application

Lease Application (PDF)

Quik n’ Crispy Payment Options (PDF)

Freight & handling is $125 for the GF II and $325 for GF5.

Term of Lease $4,035 (GF II)
Monthly Payments
$7,815 (GF5)
Monthly Payments
12 months $370.01 $716.64
24 months $198.12 $383.72
36 months $141.63 $274.31
48 months $114.19 $221.16
60 months $98.45 $190.69


  • Subject to credit approval
  • Plus applicable sales tax
  • 1st and last payment due at signing
  • $199.00 documentation fee due at signing

With 60 monthly payments of only $98.45, you need to sell around $5.00 per day in hot foods to have the Quik n’ Crispy pay for itself! Around $2.50 per day in gross profits is all that is needed to make your lease payments. At an average gross profit of 50%, this is equal to the profit you can make by selling less than:

4 Corn dogs or 4 Egg rolls or 3 Servings of French fries or 3 Servings of Chicken nuggets

Click here to download our Sole Source Letter (.pdf)