Profitable Menu Items


We are often asked what menu items are being prepared by our customers in their Quik n’ Crispy and what are the prices that they charge for these menu items. The information below has been accumulated through discussions with our various customers throughout the country that own
and operate facilities similar to yours. For a more complete list of food products that can be prepared in the Quik n’ Crispy, click here for our 34 page menu that lists over 1,000 delicious menu items.

1484_RC NatCutThe specific menu items prepared and the selling price of each will vary based on the local demographics. Many of the operators purchase their food items from wholesale clubs and cash and carry locations such as Sams Club, Price Club, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Sysco Cash and Carry, Smart and Final, and United Grocers Cash and Carry.

The convenience and pricing of club shopping is advantageous but the menu selection is often limited. As an example, many of the wholesale clubs only have 1 or 2 oven bakable french fries available and may not stock pre- cooked grilled hamburgers in cases of 36 to 70 patties per case. As a result many of the operators supplement their club purchasing with food distributors for these items. These distributors include Sysco, Alliant, U.S. Foodservice, Gordon Foods, United Grocers, and various regional distributors.

If you are not aware of what food distributors are available in your market, you can look in the Yellow Pages under “Food – Institutional” or check with some of the local restaurants and delicatessens and ask who they use. The operator may receive a shipment from the food distributor once or twice a month, or make a pick-up at the food distributor’s location, and shop weekly at the wholesale club.

The following is an overview of the more popular menu items prepared by our customers in their Quik n’ Crispy®, along with cost and pricing information:


Menu Item Serving Size Food Cost Retail Price Gross Profit
French Fries 4oz. $.20 $1.29 $1.09
Onion Rings 4oz. $.44 $1.69 $1.25
Mini Corn Dogs 5 count / 3.35 oz. $.60 $1.80 $1.20
Corn Dogs 1 count / 2.67 oz. $.30 $.99 $.69
Hot Dogs 1 hot dog / 1.6 oz. $.25 $.99 $.74
Chicken Nuggets 5 count / 3.3 oz. $.40 $1.59 $1.19
Chicken Patty Sandwich 3 oz. breaded breast $.65 $1.95 $1.30
Cheese Sticks 5 count / 4 oz. $.82 $2.50 $1.73
Char Broiled Hamburger 2.9 pz. meat portion $.55 $1.95 $1.40
5″ Individual Supreme Pizza 6.5 oz. round deep dish $.75 $1.75 $1.00

The above cost figures are realistic and the retail price figures are conservative. The cost figures for the cheese sticks, onion rings, and hot dogs reflect cost figures on high quality products. Many of the operators we have talked to are utilizing lower cost versions of these products. In addition, many of our customers are selling these menu items at higher prices than shown above.