How does the Quik n’ Crispy work?

View our video presentation for an overview of how the Quik n’ Crispy works.


What kind of greaseless fryers do you sell?

Quik n’ Crispy offers 2 different sizes of greaseless fryers. For higher volume operators, the brand new Model GF5 is a workhorse that can prepare up to 5 lbs. of menu items per batch, or 35 lbs. of french fries per hour. The Model GF II , marketed since 1990 and selected by thousands of operators to start or expand their foodservice operations. Both models are available with either electronic or mechanical controls, and at different power levels for your operation.

What is an air fryer?

Learn more about what makes a Quik n’ Crispy Air Fryer different from a deep fat fryer.

Will I need any special equipment to use my QNC?

Typically, you do not need ANY special equipment to use your QNC. In fact, you don’t need any special vents or hoods. Many customers love th QNC model GFII because it fits easily onto any counter space so you don’t any extra room!

What kind of foods prepared by the QNC are most profitable?

We are often asked what menu items are being prepared by our customers in their Quik n’ Crispy and what are the prices that they charge for these menu items. Click here for more info.

Do you offer any service plans?

Yes, Quik N’ Crispy offers a service plan to give you peace of mind. Includes 24 hour phone support to diagnose and repair QNC units. Service plan does not include parts. The service plan is good for 12 months from the date of purchase.