3 Year Extended Warranty

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The QNC Extended Warranty Program increases the original parts warranty from 1 year to 4 years. It can be purchased within 1 year of the date of the Quik n’ Crispy purchase and it will extend the parts warranty for 3 additional years. The price of the Extended Warranty is $495.00 and $895.00 respectively for Model GF II and GF5 units.

Items Covered by the Extended Warranty

  • Replacement of all major components including cooking, exhaust, and cooler blowers; electronic control panels, heating elements, solid state relays, timers, transformers, buzzers, capacitors, and other miscellaneous parts.
  • Repair labor cost on units sent to the factory repair center.
  • Free phone support to diagnose service problems.
  • If the customer elects to send their unit to the factory repair center, QNC will provide them with the use of a loaner unit. This is based on the availability of loaner units. The customer is responsible for shipping charges to and from the repair center for both the loaner unit and the unit that requires repair.

Items Not Covered By the Extended Warranty

  • Freight charges for the shipping of either the parts or the unit to and from repair center.
  • Labor costs of repair done by someone other than the factory repair center.
  • Service required as a result of either the alteration of the unit; or repairs made by anyone other than QNC, or an authorized QNC service provider; or the use of parts other than those recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Replacement of expendable parts including labels, handles, knobs, fuses, and filters.
  • Pre-existing conditions incurred prior to the effective date of coverage.
  • Damage caused by power surges, fires, floods, lightening strikes, or acts of God or War.
  • Damage caused by the lack of preventative maintenance such as the periodic replacement of filters or the thorough cleaning of the unit.
  • Damage resulting from the unauthorized repair or the improper installation or setup of the unit as outlined in the product’s owners manual.
  • Transit or delivery damage, and damage caused by the packing, unpacking, or assembly of the unit.