Fresh, French Food

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Where’s the best place to wax scientific about the healthiest way to cook French fries? Paris, France of course! In just a few weeks, Paul and Anita will be attending the 2013 Euro Attraction Show, a yearly expo that allows them to share the QNC technology with buyers from over 80 countries. The Quik n’ Crispy greaseless fryer is all about innovation, delicious cuisine, and sloughing off fatty grease from food. It doesn’t get more European than that.

The IAAPA is one of the most expansive and exciting trade organizations in the industry. That means we’ll be meeting with theme parks, bowling alleys, water parks, zoos, carnivals, museums, and many more buyers from all over Europe. Our 2011 London EAS was a huge success, and we’re thrilled to experience this opportunity to share our hot air fryers on a broader scope. We’re continually striving to push our limits. By broadening our reach, we can expand our technology and services, giving both new and loyal buyers a steadily growing QNC experience.

At the end of September, Paul and Anita will return with exclusive pictures, unique stories, and a whole new collection of people who list the Quik n’ Crispy as a cause for the success of their business. That means they’ll be out of the country the third week in September. If you have any questions about the EAS, tips on navigating Paris, or referrals you’d like to share with our European market, call our office. Just like your customers keep your business—and your snack bar—profitable and thriving, you are the reason for our success.

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