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Any business that wants to serve restaurant quality food without the initial expense of building a full kitchen or hiring fully trained culinary staff must consider the Quik n’ Crispy for increased food sales and profits. Increase your revenue by thousands of dollars per month. Typical payback on your investment occurs in 3 months or less!

With this versatile 3-in-1 patented, hot air oven prepare fried foods without the mess and hazards of deep fat frying. Grill as many as 50 plump and juicy hot dogs, or 20 precooked hot and sizzling chicken breast fillets or hamburgers in less than 5 minutes. Bake pizzas, hot deli sandwiches, and pretzels to a golden brown perfection! No need for multiple pieces of equipment.

Prepare small or large volumes of products quickly. The Quik n’ Crispy cooks a variety of items at the same time. There is no need to wait for one order to finish before starting the next one as you do with traditional or self-contained deep fat fryers and no worry of taste transfer because no oil is needed.

Perhaps you have a full kitchen but have you thought about extending the hours of your food service? The Quik n’ Crispy is great for late night appetizers and snacks customers love prepared quickly and safely by bar staff after the kitchen has closed. These menu items have 50% to 70% profit margins!