Would a Happy Hour Benefit Your Facility?

happy hourMany restaurants, entertainment centers, and other facilities all over America boast happy hour specials. These specials are usually discounts on foods and drinks during a specific time every day. Happy hour attracts many new people which, in turn, increases your revenue.

Should your business take part in happy hour? Discover three of many ways a happy hour can benefit your facility:

Targets New Business

The idea of saving money can sway a customer to choose one restaurant over another. That’s why it’s no surprise that many people choose to eat at facilities with a happy hour instead of those without a happy hour. By implementing two to three hours a day where drinks and food are served at a reduced price, you will target new business and likely increase your customer base.

Promotes Social Bonding

All people need some sort of human connection to make it through life. This is why happy hours are so important – they provide social bonding opportunities for people in all walks of life. And, since people are creatures of habit, you’ll likely see the same people at your facility often! They’ll crave the social aspect of happy hour and the delicious food you offer.

Increases Food & Drink Sales

Social bonding isn’t the only thing your reoccurring guests will crave. Thanks to your new Quik n’ Crispy greaseless fryer, your customers will love your healthy menu items that also taste delicious! This affordable purchase is easy to clean, safe, mess-free, healthier than grease fryers, and easy to use (your employees will love it).

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