Welcoming Rick to Quik n’ Crispy

qnc team - nightclub and bar expoQuik n’ Crispy is blessed with a community that cares. We’re able to build lasting relationships with restaurant owners, food vendors, and the operators of family entertainment centers. Every year we attend a slew of expos that allow us to meet new clients in food service, touch base with industry experts, and bounce ideas off of fellow exhibitors. Many of our customers even help new clients decide if our greaseless fryers fit the gap in their businesses. The basis of our success, though, is an unsurpassable team here at QNC. This month, we’re lucky to add another name to the roster: Quik n’ Crispy Director of Sales Richard White.

A Bright Future at Quik n’ Crispy

Our team believes in our machines. Without the dedication and passion of the QNC crew, we couldn’t offer you the innovation, quality, and customer service that are synonymous with Quik n’ Crispy. Rick White—a 35 year veteran of trade shows and entertainment industry expos—brings the same love of our customers and wholehearted trust in our product that helps businesses find exactly what their kitchens need to succeed.

“I enjoy people and I enjoy helping people make more money,” says Rick. “But how do you do it honestly and efficiently?”

The answer is Quik n’ Crispy. QNC, Inc knows how difficult—and expensive—the government makes staying up-to-code in the restaurant business. In addition to eliminating the need for hazardous vents and hoods, the Quik n’ Crispy meets all regulation requirements. “Regulations are a huge challenge for customers,” Rick adds. “We wanted [to give them] a hassle-free transaction.”

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