Tips for Improving School Nutrition

veggiesWe can’t believe it’s back-to-school time already! Whether you’re a parent, kid or school employee, summer never seems to last long enough. But now that it’s over and we’re all back in the classroom, we wanted to give you some good tips to make sure the little ones eat well when they’re at school.

At Quik N’ Crispy, our greaseless hot air friers are a great investment for schools to start making healthier food without losing the taste kids love. But this isn’t the only way to keep nutrition in the forefront.

Eat Your Greens

Schools can (and should) offer salad bars to make sure every child has the option to eat their veggies. There are even ways to get a free salad bar for your school. Check it out!

Look Into Other Options

We know that budgets are tighter than ever, but there are healthier options available to help kids stay fit in body and mind. Investing in a Quik N’ Crispy frier is a great first step to reduce calories and greasy, fatty foods. You can also find alternate food vendors who use healthier ingredients and focus on nutritional health.

Eat Right and Get Exercise

A healthy diet is only part of keeping kids healthy. Schools should also take the initiative to pair healthy eating with regular exercise. Whether it’s gym class or extracurricular sports, check to see what your school offers and talk to your kids about finding something they’ll enjoy!

For more information about our hot air friers and how they can fit into a healthier regiment for your kids, give us a call today!

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