3 Things You Didn’t Know About the Quik n’ Crispy!

We talk a lot about our greaseless fryers here, and with good reason: we think they’re a great addition to any business. This month, we thought we’d go a little deeper. Here are 3 things you might not know about the Quik N’ Crispy Greaseless Fryer!

  1. quik n' crispy skate expoWe offer lease programs! The investment pays off quickly for most business owners, but if you’re not in the position to purchase a QnC right now, you can easily lease one! Give your business a boost while saving up to purchase your own greaseless fryer. Typically, we’ll get back to you regarding your leasing application within 24 hours. Rates do fluctuate, but they generally come to about $2.50 per day. You’ll earn that back in a single sale!
  2. Are you worried about maintenance? Don’t be. We offer a service plan to give you peace of mind. Is your business open late or early in the morning (or both)? Our plan includes phone support 24 hours a day to diagnose and repair QnC units at any time. We know food service is an around-the-clock business, so you’ll never have to wait for “normal” business hours.
  3. We also offer rebates! That’s right; with the purchase of any Quik n’ Crispy greaseless fryer, you receive back up to $931 in free food and monetary rebates. Of these, up to $430 are direct cash rebates!

When you’re ready to get your own Quik N’ Crispy Greaseless Fryer, don’t hesitate! Contact us and let’s get your business on the road to greater success, greater profit margins, lower fat, and tastier foods!

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