The Negative Impacts of Too Much Grease

fried chicken stripsGreasy foods might taste good in the moment, but have you ever noticed how run down and gross you feel after overindulging in a big helping of French fries or fried chicken? Now image what deep fried, greasy foods do to you over time.

At Quik n’Crispy, we care about the people our machines serve. That’s why we wanted to give you the real rundown on the negative effects that deep fried, fatty foods can have on your health.

Short-Term Effects of Fatty Foods

Eating foods from the deep fat fryer often results in excessive gas, bloating, and an upset stomach to name a few. But beware of heartburn as well. Acid reflux is regularly brought on by eating too much greasy food.

While the short-term effects probably won’t kill you, they can make your evening (and possibly the next morning) a real nightmare. Steering clear of the grease doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy those savory dishes you love so much, though. With a Quik n’Crispy hot air fryer, you get the same taste without the grease!

Long-Term Health Problems from Greasy Foods

Over time, greasy foods can do a serious number on your overall health. Negative effects of eating too much fatty food too often can include diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and more. Plus, eating excessive fat puts a strain on your digestive system and could lead to an increased risk of obesity and high cholesterol.

When you cook with a ventless hot air fryer, you’re taking the grease pit out of the equation! A Quik n’ Crispy fryer lets you eat fries, fried chicken, wings, and your other favorites without the grease. With 20% to 40% less fat and calories, our fryers keep you healthier.

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