The IAAPA Orlando Experience

The IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando has come and gone, but here at Quik n’ Crispy we’re still relishing the connections we made with fresh clients and seasoned customers. The trade show demonstrates the diversity and wealth of knowledge in our family entertainment community. Daily IAAPA shows included awards for excellence, insights into bettering businesses, and industry innovations. This year’s exhibitions were all about imagining the possibilities, pushing businesses beyond the familiar and into the extraordinary. Our Quik n’ Crispy customers do just that, continually seeking new ways to make food better, smiles brighter, and work days more efficient.

Bringing People Together

ChristopheOne of the drawbacks of our business is missing face-to-face contacts with our clients. But then a show like the IAAPA Orlando show comes around and we’re blessed with days of catching up, sharing stories, and brainstorming possibilities with customers from all over the world. We heard humbling feedback from Christophe Rosiejak—who bought his QNC unit right off the floor at this year’s Paris show—spent an afternoon with business owners who have operated our hot air ovens for over ten years, and shared the health and revenue benefits of the Quik n’ Crispy commercial fryer with new customers from the restaurant, amusement park, and family center industries.

Food Preparation Innovations

The IAAPA show demonstrated the range of people, opportunities, and business necessities present in the family entertainment industry. Our customers need reliable food preparation equipment that can sustain the diversity of their businesses. The versatility of the Quik n’ Crispy is no secret, but many of our customers express surprise at how it simplifies the preparation of multiple foods.

“The original plan was to use it only for chips,” admits Eugene Labuschagne of Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Co, Ltd. He adds, “[W]e have had great success with the fryer . . . [T]hey are using it for different menu items as well.”

The Quik n’ Crispy uses hot air technology to prepare crisp, succulent dishes in tandem, allowing you to increase the scope of your menu and your food services.

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