School Lunch Nutrition

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School cafeterias are synonymous with bland, mushy, and greasy food in pop culture representation, and with good reason. When cooking for thousands of students at a time, taste and texture are often the first attribute sacrificed. But with a growing focus on healthier, tastier food for our nation’s young minds, it’s no surprise that school nutrition experts are considering innovations in food preparation. The Frisco Independent School District Child Nutrition Programs took a chance on our greaseless fryers, and they’ve started a trend in crispy, flavorful, and nutritious lunches for public high schools.

Quik n’ Crispy Cafeterias

What makes the Quik n’ Crispy ideal for school food programs? The QNC offers students a wide range of foods—from burgers and fries to eggrolls to pizza—all with up to 40% less fat than with oil fryers. The hot air technology allows school food service employees to make more food nearly 3 times quicker. And our greaseless fryer doesn’t sacrifice taste and texture like convection ovens. The Quik n’ Crispy leaves chicken juicy, tender, and, well, crispy. School nutritionists love the chance to offer kids succulent, flaky food that’s not only healthy, but also easy to prepare.

Our School Partners

Our innovative greaseless fryers are sweeping school districts across the nation. From Oklahoma to Texas, we’re fueling kids for their days of bettering their minds and bodies. Our original Quik n Crispy school nutrition supporter, the Frisco ISD Child Nutritionist, started the revolution with Centennial High School. Now three other schools right outside of Dallas have discovered the benefits of our unique hot air cooking technology. Look for us in the cafeterias at Frisco High School, Independence High School, and Dr. Rick Reed High School, which is scheduled to open in 2015. With 14 QNC’s between them, these schools are making the most of health, happiness, and education.

“We thought the products produced in our convection ovens were good,” effuses Debera Tredennick, Director of the Child Nutritions Program for Frisco IDS. “[But] the end product from the QNC equipment is of much higher quality.” For more information on these amazing machines, contact Quik n’ Crispy.

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