Pairing Beverages with Bar Food

This week the Quik n’ Crispy team is sharing our tastiest samples at the Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas. Our innovative hot air fryer is a bar favorite for cooking crispy, tender chicken, fresh fries, and hearty burgers to perfection. But whereas bowling alleys and roller rinks have candy and toys to supplement their menu, nightclubs and bars cater to their client base with adult beverages. If you’re looking for a refresher on which styles of beer and wine to pair with the new egg rolls on your menu, read on.

Beer and Food Pairings

Whether you’re catering to sports fans at the bar or a family in a booth, pairing the right beer with your customers’ meal can enhance their dining experience and increase your revenue. Lagers have a lighter flavor that pairs well with fish, chicken, or pork while ales have weight that complements burgers, pizza, and Mexican style fare. The more hops a beer has, the more it undercuts the saltiness or oiliness of typically fried food. Because the Quik n’ Crispy reduces fat and calories in fried food by up to 40%, serve super-hopped beers only to customers that prefer IPAs.

Complementing Dinner with Wine

pairing wine with fried foodIf you work in the bar industry, you’re well aware that selling wine benefits food sales. Pairing a crisp, white wine with greaseless fried vegetables enhances the eating experience and makes customers more likely to order another round of appetizers. Pair white wine with vegetables, cheese, breads, and light meat like fish or chicken. Red wine complements heavier foods like red meats and sweets. Depending on customers’ tastes, classic foods like breaded chicken or rich seafood dishes pair well with either white or red wine. Recommend a wine based on richness: sweeter wines for simpler foods and richer wines for full-flavor fare like burgers.

Looking for greaseless fried foods to complement your wine and beer selection? Check out our comprehensive menu for the Quik n’ Crispy hot air fryer.

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