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K-12, college, hospitals, assisted living centers, employee dining rooms, daycare centers….
Serving healthier food that still appeals to students has become the priority of school systems throughout the United States. Do your students miss the crispy French fries and chicken nuggets you used to serve them? The Quik n’ Crispy Greaseless Fryer will prepare them, and many other favorites, to the same texture and flavor of those cooked in a deep fat fryer but with 40% less fat. School districts throughout the country are learning about the benefits of the patented Greaseless Fryer and incorporating this new technology into their nutrition programs. Two Model GF5 units, stacked on one another, prepares French fries for 1,900 students over the course of three thirty-minute lunch periods at Frisco ISD in Texas!

Quik n’ Crispy Greaseless Fryers prepare food crispier on the outside compared with convection or combi-ovens and cooks 30% faster than a convection oven. This versatile hot air oven has 3 functions: it can “fry” frozen, prepared foods like corn dogs and egg rolls without grease, grill hot dogs, precooked hamburgers and chicken filets and bake pizzas, pretzels and hot sandwiches. It is simple to operate and easy to clean.

Corporate wellness programs are gaining in importance as the cost of healthcare skyrockets. Serving employees lower fat food options, while maintaining the appeal of the food choices, can be achieved merely by preparing some foods in a low cost, easy to install, patented hot air oven! MGM Resorts has equipped their employee dining rooms in the Luxur, Excalibiur, Monte Carlo, and other properties in Las Vegas with Quik n’ Crispy Greaseless Fryers in an effort to promote employee health and fitness.

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities, military bases, and prisons are increasingly appreciating the health benefits of foods cooked in the Quik n’ Crispy, too.