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In the past, you may have viewed serving food at your business as a nuisance instead of as the source of a new profit center. Quik n’ Crispy owners have found that food sales can become 20-23% of the total revenue at their center with a relatively small upfront capital investment.

Greaseless Cooking that Kids and Parents Love

The Quik n’ Crispy is a patented, counter top, hot air oven that prepares restaurant quality snacks both kids and parents enjoy by greaseless frying, grilling or baking. These items have 50% to 70% profit margins! All you need is a Model GF5 or GF II Quik n’ Crispy, a freezer, and a cash register to ring up your profits. There is typically no need for vented hood systems or grease traps and none of the increased insurance premiums that are incurred when installing a deep fat fryer or self-contained vented fryer. The Quik n’ Crispy is simple to operate and clean so no specialized staff is needed.

Your customers will stay and play longer when you can serve them fried foods that look and taste as if they were prepared in a deep fat fryer: crispy on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside. Demonstrate your commitment to healthier eating by serving these favorites with 20% to 40% less fat and calories!