Las Vegas Early Birds

The Night Club & Bar Show is still two months away, but Quik n’ Crispy is hard at work preparing for one of the most entertaining trade shows of the year. The annual Las Vegas trade show brings nightlife connoisseurs to the most infamous city in America for three days of delicious food, craft beer, and business professionals with excellent insight into the entertainment industry.

The 2014 Night Club and Bar Show

The Quik n’ Crispy booth is back at the Las Vegas Night Club and Bar Show. Prepare to mingle with the Quik n’ Crispy’s biggest fans as we catch up with customers, share opportunities to increase your food revenue, and cook plenty of appetizer samples. Work feels like play for the three-day convention, and the night scene takes it to a whole new level. Sample delicious food and craft beer during the day, then get to know your fellow business owners on the Strip. There’s no better way to experience the nightlife than by seeing business management, evening entertainment, and our hot air ovens in action.

Stage Door Casino

Allan Hoffman Stage Door Casino BWant to enjoy evening entertainment and see a Quik n’ Crispy at work? Alan Hoffman, the owner of Las Vegas’ Stage Door Casino, has seen the success of both models of our commercial hot air ovens. Customers hail this bar on the Strip as laid-back, entertaining, and full of delicious food. “My employees and customers are the big winners,” Hoffman says of his decision to switch from deep fat fryers to our greaseless fryers. “Not only has our food revenue increased, but both our regular and new customers stay longer than they did before.” Hoffman is happy to talk shop, sharing the health and business benefits of the Quik n’ Crispy greaseless fryer with anyone who cares to listen. Stop by the bar for an night of entertainment, sample the food, and hear from the man himself how our commercial ovens changed his casino.

Can’t wait to taste the atmosphere of the Night Club & Bar show? Sign up before January 31st for early bird rates. You can bet we have!

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