How to Increase FEC Business Profits

Closeup of stack of moneyNo matter what kind of family entertainment center you mange, we have some simple tips to increase revenue at your business. Check them out below!

  1. Offer Excitement and Value – First and foremost, you should offer a valuable, fun experience to your customers so that they keep coming back. There is no substitute for providing amazing customer service and making the customer feel like they got enough “bang for their buck.” This includes making sure your attractions and facilities are exciting and well maintained, as well as training your staff to be friendly and helpful.
  2. Create a Rewards Program – Develop a rewards program so that customers have an incentive to keep coming back. Who doesn’t love the feeling of turning in a fully-punched loyalty card to get a FREE item? And who here can say that they’ve never spent a little extra knowing it will get them one step (or should we say “punch”?) closer to the reward?
  3. Invest in High-Profit Menus – Add an extra stream of revenue with concessions. Foods are high-profit for FECs and by purchasing a Quik n’ Crispy greaseless hot air fryer, you won’t need fancy new kitchen equipment or a culinary staff in order to expand your concession stand offerings. Our menus include diverse entree items ranging from chicken tenders to veggies, so you’ll be able to ensure that your concessions offers something for everyone.

Check out our videos or contact us at (972) 669-8993 for more info about our greaseless hot air fryers. Or you can shop our greaseless hot air fryers and order yours today!

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