How to Build a Basic Food Service Menu

Okay, you’ve started a food service business. You have a venue, a business plan, and your building is up to code. Now what?

A great food service needs a good menu. Before determining the prices, graphics, and seasonality of your menu, you’ll need to start with a basic food service menu.

4 Steps to Making a Profitable Menu

  1. paul with teresa ottofaroKnow your audience. A food truck will have a vastly simpler menu than a full-service restaurant, just as a roller-skating rink will serve different snacks than a nightclub. Before planning your menu, analyze your target demographic. Will your customers want quick snacks or full meals? Are you located near the coast where seafood is popular, or in the Southwest where Mexican-inspired fare is the norm? Once you determine what your customers like, you can create a base menu.
  2. Know your business. What type of business you own and what hours you serve meals determines what type of food you’ll serve. Most businesses serve lunch and dinner. Consider whether breakfast, snack items, and dessert options will increase your profits or become an unnecessary cost. Determine the capabilities of your kitchen, the number of staff you can afford, and whether or not to add specialty items before you create a menu.
  3. Think about health. Whether they’re students, families, or frequenters of the night scene, customers appreciate businesses who make the effort to give them healthier fare. Foods prepared in the Quik n’ Crispy ventless fryer have 20-40% less fat and calories than their deep fried counterparts. Also consider providing vegetarian options, offering fresh fruit as a side, and serving organic ovenable foods.
  4. Stick to the classics. No matter what type of food service you’re running, every customer loves these profitable menu items. Start with the most basic food service items and expand your menu based on the needs of your business.

Are you ready to turn a profit? Call QNC, Inc for more information on starting a food service business, choosing the best kitchen equipment, and how to create a profitable food service menu.

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