Hospitals and Health Centers Love the QnC

The Quik n’ Crispy isn’t just making food service easier for restaurants and family entertainment centers. Hospitals and health facilities around the country are switching to the QnC for tastier, healthier food options with less grease. Here’s why:

First of all, the QnC produces undeniably healthier options. Your health center is all about promoting well-being; why continue to serve your employees, patients, and their families with greasy, fattier food? Not only does it run counter to your mission, but it doesn’t look good. Who hasn’t walked into a hospital cafeteria and wondered why everything in it was so bad for you (or worse, why there was a fast food joint on the premises)?

Of course, sometimes all people care about is taste, and the calorie and fat reduction is just a bonus. A QnC unit simply produces tastier options than grease fryers. Once people land in a healthcare facility they’re probably feeling stressed, unhappy, or worse. Lift their spirits a bit by providing food that’s crispy, delicious, and not swimming in grease.

If your hospital is struggling financially, you’re not alone. A QnC unit is cost-efficient and easy to clean, so you can devote more of the budget to the things that really matter. Check out some ways to make the most of your QnC. It’s also safer for your staff–you don’t want your employees to wind up as your patients, do you?

No matter why you choose a Quik n’ Crispy unit for your healthcare center, rest assured knowing that we’re here to help. Contact us with any questions–we want to make sure your business succeeds!

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