Heart Healthy Eating for American Heart Month

Red heart balloons on a blue backgroundFebruary is Heart Health Month! That means that this month is the perfect time to start offering healthy menu options at your business or organization with one of our Quik n’ Crispy greaseless hot air fryers.

Taking care of your heart is so important, and today there are more ways than ever to make healthier choices without missing out on your favorite foods. Air frying is a great alternative to traditional grease frying. Our greaseless fryers don’t use oils to fry, which means that the food cooked in our Quik n’ Crispy hot air fryers contain 20% to 40% less fat and calories than the same food prepared in a traditional deep fryer.

By using our greaseless hot air fryers, you’ll be giving your customers healthy menu options. In fact, our menus include all the traditional fried food your customers love (just without all the grease, fat, and calories). You can also help server healthier menu options by choosing lean proteins like chick sausage or grilled chicken breast strips instead of fattier options like beef or pork. Vegetable options like battered cauliflower and beer battered zucchini slices are also great alternatives to traditional fried food. And of course, all of these options can be easily made in a Quik n’ Crispy greaseless hot air fryers.

So do your customers’ hearts a favor this American Heart Month by shopping our greaseless hot air fryers today. For more information our our greaseless hot air fryers check out our videos or contact us at (972) 669-8993. Your customers and their hearts will thank you for it!

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