Healthy Snacks, Rolling Through!

healthy food for active skaters“Healthy” is more than just a buzzword in parent magazines and school administration meetings. The “get fit” trend is sweeping the nation, encouraging families to get active and eat right. Many roller-skating centers are taking advantage of this healthful trend by offering Zumba classes and skating fitness sessions. With roller-skating burning anywhere from 300-600 calories an hour, these family entertainment venues have an edge on family fitness. But many skating centers aren’t taking advantage of the other side of getting healthy: good food.

Healthy Concessions

Pizza and hot dogs carry concession revenue for most skating centers, but some parents want healthier fare when they bring their kids skating. Many business owners have added salads and fruit cups to their snack menus, only to watch kids refuel with the same unhealthy snacks they’ve always loved. Adding a Quik n’ Crispy to concession stand kitchens allows roller-skating centers to please both parents and kids. Food prepared in our greaseless fryers contains 20%-40% less fat and calories than that same food prepared in conventional ovens or fryers. By removing grease from the equation, skating centers can offer favorite foods that generate revenue and encourage kids to live healthy lifestyles.

Quality Concessions

It doesn’t matter if they came to skate, play arcade games, or face off their friends at laser tag: kids want tasty food. For many skating rinks, food sales make up the majority of their profits for school events and fundraisers. The Quik n’ Crispy hot air fryer is safe and easy to use. It cooks quality concession snacks, giving kids a boost of energy that’s not loaded with grease and saturated fats. Serving healthy, tasty food means families will skate longer and enjoy themselves more, getting healthy one roller-skating session at a time.

Are you interested in learning how the Quik n’ Crispy can improve your skating center food sales? Visit us next week at the 77th Annual RSA Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas or call QNC, Inc to request more information about our hot air fryers.

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