Happy, Healthy Kids

If you’re a parent, educator, or school cafeteria manager seeking healthier lunches for our best and brightest, you’re not alone. Government agencies, celebrities, and communities organize educational seminars, rallies, and PTA meetings to get kids healthy through increased physical activity and healthier food options in the cafeteria. But with kids’ picky eating habits and the limitations of typical school kitchens—which often house only a deep fat fryer—the pickings are slim. It’s no wonder kids avoid healthy fare in favor of greasy burgers and frozen pizza.

Quik n’ Crispy Commercial Fryers

The Quik n’ Crispy greaseless fryer lets school cafeterias prepare students’ favorite food with 20-40% less calories. By eliminating even “healthy” oils, our hot air fryers prepare a variety of snacks and entrees without the saturated fat of deep fryers. The hot air technology adds versatility to cafeteria kitchens, allowing school workers to make large batches of food without sacrificing taste or nutrition. Chicken tenders stay crispy outside and juicy inside, pizzas retain their flaky crusts and gooey cheeses, and French fries cook to perfection without getting greasy.

Healthy, Tasty Cafeteria Food

school cafeteria lunchSchool districts across the country are incorporating Quik n’ Crispy units into their cafeteria kitchens with great success. “We feed about 1800 students,” says Debera Tredennick of the Frisco Child Nutrition Programs. “We had no trouble keeping up with the volume.” The kids in her school district love the food produced by the Quik n’ Crispy. “Our French fries are crispy, our egg rolls are flaky and our chicken strips have a much better flavor and texture than the same products from a regular oven.”

Quik n’ Crispy commercial fryers allow your school cafeteria to cook popular lunch items the healthy way. For more information about these innovative hot air fryers, call QNC, Inc.

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