Greaseless Skating Snacks

skate snacks - girl eating pizzaRoller-skating is making a comeback. Once a popular leisure activity for kids, families, and even date-nights, roller-skating fell out of favor after the 80’s. But, thanks to a retro vibe, family-friendly atmosphere, and surge in popularity among celebrities, roller-skating and family fun centers are back in business. The Quik n’ Crispy team is heading to the Roller-Skating Association’s 77th Annual Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas May 4-7th. Here are the top three reasons you won’t want to miss us.

Concessions and Business

The roller-skating industry runs on food and parties. According to research by the RSA, concession sales account for 18.7% of total profits, second only to ticket sales. When skating centers host charity events or promo nights, food sales make up the majority of their revenue stream. Roughly 90% of skating centers in America list pizza and hot dogs as two of their best-selling concession items. Most skating centers also bundle concessions in their birthday party packages, private parties, and group rates. As roller-skating increases in popularity, more owners renovating their business plans by adding healthier, tastier food to the menu.

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

When you run a family leisure venue, your employees wear a lot of hats: admission salesman, birthday party host, and concessions cook, just to name a few. Most roller-skating centers are family owned; they can’t afford to hire pros for every task in the rink. The Quik n’ Crispy greaseless fryer increases cooking speed and menu versatility, letting your employees make better food faster. Our hot air fryer is easy to operate, making it easy to train staff in the kitchens without wasting valuable time. Make the most of your business—and your concession stand—by purchasing a greaseless fryer for your roller-skating center.

Stop by our booth at the RSA Trade Show in Las Vegas, or request more information about our greaseless fryer.

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