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QuicknCrispy_403 (1)The Quik n’ Crispy greaseless fryer can change your business. Zoos, amusement parks, roller-skating rinks, and bowling alleys have discovered that, by providing an assortment of healthy menu options, they can encourage customers to stay longer and spend more. The speed, quality, and versatility of our hot air fryer allows a wide range of business owners to offer what their customers want when they want it, broadening their client base and extending their profits. But how can the Quik n’ Crispy help restaurants, taverns, and casinos that are already equipped with full kitchens?

Utilizing Hot Air Ovens in Food Service

Your pub may be booming during the day, but after the dinner rush fewer customers want to pay for a full meal. This leaves restaurant owners two options: swallow the expense of keeping a fully staffed kitchen or lose the revenue of late night customers. More and more restaurant owners are turning to our commercial ovens to bridge the business gap. Pubs, clubs, and even sporting arenas have found that, by augmenting their full kitchen with a Quik n’ Crispy commercial fryer, they can increase their profits substantially. Cater to customer overflow, expedite the process of cooking popular items, or keep the kitchens open late without paying a full-staff of cooks by investing in a Quik n’ Crispy greaseless fryer.

Diversifying Your Menu

Our food service revenue increased substantially, providing us with the versatility to expand our menu . . .” –Alan Hoffman, Owner of Stage Door Casino

“I am experimenting with other foods in the ovens with an eye to . . . add additional items to the menus. The ease of operation and adaptability makes it easy to look at alternative menu items.” –Jim Graziadei, Food & Beverage Manager at Norfolk Scope Arena

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