Fast, Fresh Pizza

Pizza is so popular in America, eating it is practically a national pastime. That’s great news for food services, who make such a profit on this tasty, convenient meal that some even stock pizza before french fries. How can you get in on the action?

Fresh Pizza for Food Service

fresh pepperoni pizzaThe QNC can cook so much more than ovenable foods. We spent the year experimenting with fresh takes on classic frozen dishes. Want to offer your customers pizza with a homemade touch? Make your own dough, pile on your favorite toppings, and cook it to perfection in the Quik n’ Crispy ventless fryer. The Quik n’ Crispy is versatile enough to easily switch between cooking fresh and ovenable food items for food service businesses. Experiment with your favorite ways to make a pizza and watch the profits heat up!

Hot Pizza Deals

Ready for a rebate? When you purchase a Quik n’ Crispy greaseless fryer, you can earn up to $1,555 in food rebates. Get up to $100 in cash rebates from Finger Food Products, Inc, our go-to for hot items like 2oz Pizza Logs. Filled with creamy whole milk mozzarella, rich meatless marinara, and add-ons like pepperoni, hot peppers, Italian sausage, and mushrooms, these finger food pizzas are a surefire profit.

Pizza Basket

You don’t need special equipment to cook pizza in the Quik n’ Crispy, but the pizza basket is well worth the investment. We worked one-on-one with customers to develop a product that would make cooking pizza quicker, cleaner, and easier than ever. Stop worrying that the gooey cheese customers love will drip when pulling it out of the oven. Simply place a fresh or frozen pizza into the basket, cook it for about six minutes, and slide it straight onto a customer’s plate. No mess, no fuss, and faster food service than ever!

To learn more about cooking pizza in a ventless fryer, call QNC, Inc.

Pizza Image from Flickr

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