Ventless Frying

What restaurant-capable cooker can bake, fry, and grill a hearty helping of menu items in up to half the time without sacrificing quality? The Quik n’ Crispy ventless fryer!

Restaurant Quality Food with No Vents or Hoods!

GF5_300_CMYKThe Quik n’ Crispy ventless fryer uses radiant heat and hot air technology to prepare menu favorites without the cost or hassle of vents and hoods. When you eliminate vents and hoods from the kitchen, you reduce cooking costs, cleanup time, and risk of injury. Since the Quik n’ Crispy doesn’t use hot oil, food service managers can eliminate grease fire insurance, payroll for a full kitchen staff, and the need to purchase additional parts for specialty menu items. Our ventless fryer bakes, grills, and frys pre-cooked frozen products, producing restaurant quality food with rich flavor and a tender, flaky texture. It’s 100% of the flavor with up to 40% less fat and calories.

Prepare Large Volumes of Ovenable Foods

When you have a ventless fryer, you can say “goodbye” to long cook times and inconvenient “one item at a time” policies. Our versatile 3-in-1 ventless fryer can prepare multiple menu items at once. Cook 20 juicy, precooked hamburgers in just minutes or slide in the pizza basket for fast, perfect pizzas every time. When you outfit your kitchen with a ventless fryer, you can cook crispy chicken tenders, crunchy egg rolls, and golden brown pretzels simultaneously. Since there’s no hot oil involved, you won’t have to worry about flavors mixing or incomplete cooking.

Give your kitchen a fresh start by ordering a Quik n’ Crispy online, purchasing oven-ready foods from our wide variety of preferred vendors, or speaking with a representative of QNC, Inc about buying a ventless fryer for your kitchen.