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quik n' crispy hot air fryerAre you looking for a way to boost food sales without sacrificing quality and convenience? Does the health of your customers impact the way you run your business? Are you new to the concept of greaseless fryers? This week, we’re taking the blog back to basics. Whether you’re starting fresh or simply tired of expensive vents and hoods in the kitchen, it’s time to learn how our Quik n’ Crispy fryers work . . . and how they increase your revenue.

The Benefits of a Greaseless Fryer

The Quik n’ Crispy uses waves of hot air to “fry” pre-cooked frozen foods evenly and efficiently. Our developers work tirelessly to continually improve food quality and user experience, and it shows. No other greaseless fryer prepares tasty, flaky chicken tenders that as stay crispy on the outside as they are tender inside. The Quik n’ Crispy can prepare nearly any food on your menu, whether you run an egg roll cart in an amusement park or a full restaurant in a classy hotel. Because our fryer eliminates the use of grease, food prepared in a Quik n’ Crispy have 20%-40% less fat and calories than typical fried food. Bake, steam, fry, or grill the pizzas and patties your customers love without sacrificing taste or quality.

Greaseless Fryers and Business

The best part about the Quik n’ Crispy is its simplicity. By adding a hot air fryer to your concession stand or food cart, you can eliminate vents and hoods, free up counter space, and lessen your overhead by limiting operation costs. While a full kitchen requires multiple employees to prepare and serve the food, the Quik n’ Crispy operates quickly and efficiently, making it possible for just one employee to serve hundreds of customers. Many businesses who use our greaseless fryers add profitable items to their menus, taking advantage of geographical favorites or seasonal dishes. With the money you’ll save on special equipment, hood cleaning, and insurance, the Quik n’ Crispy pays for itself in no time. Then its time to sit back and enjoy the profits!

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