Tips for Better Food Service

The foundation for a high-quality restaurant is its food, so it is crucial that your kitchen staff has the skills and experience necessary to produce dishes of the quality to serve to your guests. But good food service doesn’t stop there. If you want rave reviews, your service staff also needs to be trained in the finer points of food service. Read on for Quik n’ Crispy’s tips for how to improve service at your restaurant.

Change Up Your Menu

chicken sandwichYour customers will likely get bored with your offerings if your menu never changes. Now, this is not to say that you should completely overhaul your menu every month; simply remove items that are not very popular with your guests and add new ones, keeping up with current dining trends. For example, if you notice that your customers are becoming increasingly health conscious, you may want to switch to using a greaseless fryer. Be sure to advertise to your customers that your “fried” items are now made without oil.

Offer Happy Hour Specials

Everyone loves to get a good deal, and offering specials during happy hour (the time when most people are just getting off work) can be a great way to add value for your customers. Two-for-one drink specials or discounted appetizers are some popular options. If happy hour guests enjoy your food and are satisfied with the level of service, they will be more likely to return during your regularly priced hours (and bring their friends).

Allow Ample Time for Server Training

An inexperienced server can make food service mistakes that may turn away your customers. Be sure to spend enough time training each new server, and have a testing system in place to evaluate their understanding of policies and procedures. Urge your servers to always keep the focus on the customers, no matter what.

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Chicken Sandwhich

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