Skating, Concessions, and Bigger Profits

Some businesses make the bulk of their revenue through food. Others use food service to supplement profits. But many businesses don’t know where they fall. Managers new to the skating industry don’t realize what an integral part food sales play in overall skating center profits. But seasoned rink owners know that concession stands, along with birthday parties and general admission, are a top three source of revenue. So how can skating centers make the most of food service?

Building Food Service Profits

  1. boy eating chicken sandwichListen to the kids. Roller-skating brings in a diverse customer base, from semi-pro speed skaters to folks reveling in the glory days of skating. But the most frequent skaters are kids and families. And kids build up one heck of an appetite with all that exercise! Pizza, chicken tenders, burgers, and simple sides like french fries will boost kids’ energy without transforming them into complainer skaters.
  2. Listen to the parents. After all, they’re the ones paying for lunch. Think about the nutrition, flavor, and bang for their buck when designing your skating center menu. Offer deals like 2-for-1 pizza slices on Friday nights, or heat up personal pizzas for birthday parties and special events. Don’t forget to advertise the nutritional value of your meals. Foods prepared in a ventless fryer have 20%-40% less fat and calories than their baked, fried, or microwaved counterparts. And they taste better, too!
  3. Listen to the pros. Conventions like the upcoming RSA Show aren’t just to check out the latest glow skates. Talk to other rink owners, attend educational conferences, and check out the Quik n’ Crispy booth to learn how you can improve skating center profits through better food service.

Time to get rolling! To learn more about improving roller-skating concessions, call QNC, Inc.

Boy Eating Chicken Sandwich

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