Lessons in School Nutrition

Another school year is nearly behind us. Soon educators will be free to do their own homework: making next year’s curriculum, carnivals, and cafeteria food even better than this year’s. Quik n’ Crispy is doing our part at the Texas Association for School Nutrition conference on June 21-22 and the School Nutrition Association Show on July 11-13. But teaching kids about health, fitness, and nutritious eating goes beyond making healthy choices in the kitchen. Nutrition belongs in the classroom, too.

Teaching Kids about Nutrition

School nutrition standards are always changing. But no matter what regulations you’re meeting in the kitchen, your kids won’t be healthy unless you encourage them to embrace nutrition. Here are a few things educators can do to promote healthy eating:

  • girl learning in classroomLet your kids get involved. If they don’t like the school lunch options, they won’t eat them. Ask for feedback from your students and add healthier versions of their favorite foods to the menu.
  • Teachers can encourage kids to try new foods by speaking positively about their favorite healthy cafeteria fare.
  • Eat lunch with your students. Not only are you connecting with your kids and learning about their eating habits, you’re serving as a role model.
  • Teach your kids the value of health and nutrition. Assign school projects where they must plan a healthy meal and ask the students to bring in samples. Incorporate lessons about food and nutrition into science class.
  • Consider letting kids eat snacks in class if they bring (non-messy) fruit and veggies.
  • Serve healthier options at class parties and school events.
  • Get the parents involved in your new, nutrition-first food discussions.

Want do your part to provide healthy school lunches to your students? Call QNC, Inc to learn more about making healthy choices in a school cafeteria.

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