Increase Your Venue’s Revenue with Our Greaseless Fryer

venueIt’s The Healthier Option!

That’s right, the Quik n’ Crispy (QNC) greaseless fryer can improve your venue’s revenue by offering customers a healthier option to their most favorite deep fried treats. Items prepared in our greaseless fryer have a fat reduction of 20% to 40% compared to similar products that are prepared in a deep fat fryer.

Our greaseless fryer cooks popular products such as french fries, chicken nuggets and strips, fried chicken, egg rolls, battered vegetables and finger foods are prepared to the consistency of deep fat fried foods, without grease!

The greaseless fryer can also grill frozen foods such as pre-cooked hamburgers, grilled chicken breast fillets and hot dogs. That’s two types of food you can make with one machine, but that’s not all, the QNC can also bake pizzas, pretzels, hot sandwiches and other menu items to a high quality with a flaky and “freshly baked” finish. That is three categories of food you can make with just one machine!

The Quik n’ Crispy is currently in institutions such as K-12 school nutrition programs, military bases, hospitals, chain restaurants, amusement parks, convention centers, sports stadiums. Don’t wait, become one of the newest businesses to join in on this great opportunity.

For more information about our greaseless fryer, visit our website or give us a call at (972) 669-8993.
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