Encouraging Healthy School Lunches

The summer reprieve gives school administrators the opportunity to step back and assess what’s working in the cafeteria, what needs improvement, and what new programs can improve student life. Each summer Quik n’ Crispy attends school nutrition shows across the country, sharing new ways to improve school nutrition for students. As we gear up for the School Nutrition Conference this July, we’re sharing the best health information, food preparation tips, and menus for healthy school lunches.

How School Nutrition Helps Kids

  • kids eating a healthy lunchA nutritious diet gives kids energy, helping them stay active
  • Kids who eat healthy foods have a reduced risk of illness, obesity, and disease
  • Eating nutritious meals helps kids grow mentally and physically
  • Healthy eating creates good habits in young kids
  • Studies show that kids who eat full, balanced lunches have increased cognitive function, improved mood, and reduced absenteeism

Fresh Nutrition Standards for School Cafeterias

Improve the health of students by implementing new nutrition standards for school lunches.

  • Reduce grease from fried foods by choosing healthier, ovenable varieties
  • Introduce a balanced diet by adding fruits and veggies to meals
  • Serve pre-portioned meals to guarantee students receive proper nutrients
  • Try tastier versions of bland menu items (like breaded vegetables instead of steamed ones)
  • Encourage healthy habits by planning School Nutrition days throughout the year to educate students on choosing healthy meals
  • Save money and reduce fat in foods by using kitchen equipment that eliminates the need for grease

To learn more about school health, cooking in bulk, and providing nutritious lunches for school cafeterias, contact QNC, Inc.

School Lunch Photo from Flickr

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