Making Campus Healthier

College is such an exciting time. With so many changes and so much new freedom, it can be hard for students to remember to eat well. How can colleges help students combat the dreaded Freshman 15 while they juggle all the other demands of college life?

Dining hall food is seen as a big culprit in unhealthy habits among students. Providing easy access to healthful foods is critical to student health; they shouldn’t have to go off campus to find better options! Of course students want to have treats, and colleges want to make students happy, so it’s important to provide healthful options that are also tasty and appealing. Students suffer a lot of stress, especially during midterms and exam time, and may quickly reach for whatever comfort food is offered to them no matter how bad for them it may be. Switching to QNC greaseless fryers will automatically cut up to 40% of fat and calories from fried foods. That goes a long way towards health goals, and students won’t even notice they’re eating healthfully!Apple empanadas

With so many different options for foods to prepare in our greaseless fryers, college dining halls can cater to a variety of appetites. Even if students reach for fried foods rather than fresh fruits and veggies, they’ll be eating better (and tastier!) if the dining hall is cooking with a air instead of oil. They’ll be satisfied, comforted, and healthier. Healthier students means better grades, more engagement, and happier parents and alumni!

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Who Could Benefit from a Ventless Fryer?

Who could use a ventless fryer in their kitchen? The real question is: who couldn’t? Our fryers cook ovenable foods quickly and evenly, retaining the juiciness of the inside, the crispiness of the outside, and the rich flavor throughout. It reduces fat and calories in prepared foods by 20% to 40%. And it’s convenient to use, cooking items in a fraction of the time required by convection ovens.

Who We Sell To

These are some of the biggest industries who benefit from greaseless fryers.

  • plated food in kitchenFood service. Restaurants, bars, pubs, delis, and other food service industry professionals know it isn’t cost-effective to keep a cook on hand 24/7. That’s where we come in. Fire up the Quik n’ Crispy in the early mornings, when things get slow, or late at night after the cook goes home. You’ll earn extra revenue, but won’t have to pay for a full kitchen staff during slow business hours.
  • Nutrition and healthcare. Cooking isn’t in the job description, but cooking healthy food is a major part of the job. Nutrition and healthcare professionals love the ease of cooking with ventless fryers. With it, they can prepare foods for students or patients that contains less saturated fat and calories. And because the Quik n’ Crispy preserves the texture and flavor of food, your facility won’t hear those dreaded words: “It tastes like hospital food.”
  • Leisure. The Quik n’ Crispy gives family entertainment centers a chance to serve hot, delicious food that isn’t swimming in unhealthy grease. It’s simple to operate and cooks tasty foods, which is a major plus for businesses like skating centers and laser tag centers, for whom concessions often counts for a third of their overall revenue.
  • Venues. Want to serve restaurant quality food at a kiosk in your amusement park, sports arena, museum, or zoo? Quik n’ Crispy has you covered! We’ve supplied ventless fryers to funnel cake stands in Louisiana, a personal pizza bar in Kentucky’s Creation Museum, and an egg roll stand in Animal Kingdom.
  • Private kitchens. We sell ventless fryers to individuals like Teresa Ottofaro Devries, a woman in Hampton, VA who uses her cooking equipment to serve free, home-cooked meals to defenders and their families who don’t get leave for the holidays.

Do you want to learn about how a ventless fryer can improve your business? Call QNC, Inc.

How to Change Rink Food’s Reputation

How often have you heard parents tell their kids, “We’ll eat when we get home. Skating rink food isn’t healthy!”? Skating centers have a bad reputation when it comes to healthy snacks. Many parents see concession stands as nothing more than peddlers of greasy grub. But many operators are working hard to change the reputation of skating rink food.

How to Earn Your Snack Bar a Healthy Reputation

  1. Three boys eating pizzaMake an honest assessment. Nobody’s asking you to replace pizza and fries with kale salads (especially not the kids!), but it’s time to take stock of what comes out of your kitchen. Which meal options are healthy, which have potential, and which should you ditch? It’s time to take an honest look at your skating rink menu.
  2. Stick to what works. Do kids at your skating center love pizza and fries? Don’t let the grease scare you off. Scare the grease off instead! With a Quik n’ Crispy ventless fryer, you can prepare your best selling meals with 20% to 40% less fat and calories. Now that’s something to advertise.
  3. Add healthy sides. If parents are clamoring for a healthier snack bar menu, it pays to listen. But you don’t have to get rid of best-selling burgers to do it. Simply add healthy add-ons and sides. Fruit cups and applesauce are tasty, healthy side options for kids. Want something the adults will love, too? Pop breaded veggies into your ventless fryer and serve ‘em up hot.

Change the reputation of skating rink food! Do you want to learn more about healthy skating concessions both kids and parents will love? Contact QNC, Inc for more information about our ventless fryers.

Get Social with Quik n’ Crispy

Expo season is quickly approaching, and it’s one of our favorite times of the year. There’s nothing we love more than talking to all of you face to face, hearing about why you love Quik n’ Crispy and what we could do to make our ventless fryers even better. But not every weekend can be an expo weekend. Where can you connect with Quik n’ Crispy when we’re not hanging out in hotels and convention centers? Social media!

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  • social media conceptFacebook: No matter what social media site you prefer, there’s no denying that Facebook rules the world. Want to see daily tips and tricks, fun pics from expos, and reviews from people in the food service industry who have used the Quik n’ Crispy? Facebook is the place to go.
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5 Healthy Tips for Eating Out with Kids

Many families eat healthy at home. Eating out? That’s a whole other story. The trouble with eating out is that food-to-go is often greasy, has low nutritional value, and can contain hidden ingredients. Quik n’ Crispy has a few tips to help! Make eating out healthy with these suggestions for National Nutrition Month.

5 Healthy Tips for Eating Out with Kids

  1. Set expectations. Eating out can be a major feat or a big treat, depending on where you go, what you eat, and whether or not your kids are picky eaters. Make sure your kids know which dinnertime rules still apply when eating at a restaurant or snack bar.
  2. three boys eating pizzaLook at the menu at home. What’s an easy way to make sure your child finds the right meal? Check out the options beforehand. Chicken tenders, fish sticks, and corn dogs are great options for kids. Want to make sure they get their greens? Try breaded veggies for a tasty twist on a nutritious meal.
  3. Balanced meals. French fries may be delicious, but don’t default to the potato option if your kids have a carb or starch heavy entree. Pair healthy entrees with a treat on the side and stick to fruit cups to balance a richer main dish.
  4. Choose wisely. Some eateries serve every meal dripping in grease. Others have healthier versions of kid-friendly foods like chicken tenders. Restaurants with a Quik n’ Crispy ventless fryer can serve your kid’s favorite meals with 20% to 40% less fat and calories per serving.
  5. Consider portions. Unless they’re going through a growth spurt, there’s a good chance your kids will leave plenty on their plate. Make sure they eat the main course before digging into their side of mac and cheese.

What’s your child’s favorite meal to eat out? Share a picture with us on Facebook!

Teach Kids to Get Moving!

Childhood obesity is something that we see more and more every day. It’s an epidemic that has grown rapidly over the years. Research shows that the problem of childhood obesity will continue to climb if something isn’t done. Childhood obesity isn’t something that kids should have to deal with, and they definitely shouldn’t have to deal with it on their own. There are a lot of healthy habits for kids parents can teach their children. There are also so many ways to get kids active and encourage healthier habits at home, cooking healthy meals and encouraging family exercise to help fight childhood obesity.

Get Moving! Campaign

girl eating watermelonMichelle Obama spent years promoting fun ways for kids to get fit with the Let’s Move! campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to help America’s children become active participants in their own health. With regular active play and healthy eating habits, kids have a better chance of fighting against childhood obesity. Educating kids about the risks of unhealthy habits also spreads awareness about the dangers of childhood obesity and how to fight it.

When kids learn to make healthy food choices, they’ll carry those skills with them into adulthood. Parents, teachers, and members of the community have a responsibility to educate children about the tools available to help them make healthier choices. Promoting childhood health will help kids now and throughout their adult lives.

The Let’s Move! campaign also focuses on physical activity. It’s important for kids to stay active. If children can get moving for just 60 minutes every day, it will go a long way to helping them stay at a healthy weight.

Childhood obesity is a serious problem, but the solution is clear. If you want to learn how to help fight childhood obesity, reach out to QNC, Inc.

The Problem of School Food Waste

School cafeteria food waste is a serious issue across the country. Recent campaigns have attempted to solve this problem, but they’re still a major issue in public schools, especially ones with younger children. One of the best ways to reduce school food waste is to educate children on healthy eating, proper portion sizes, and the importance of not wasting food. Kids should be taught to about the value of good nutrition. This will help encourage them to form healthy habits and think harder about the food on their plate (and how often it goes to waste). Educators are vital in promoting healthy cafeteria lunches and teaching kids about nutrition.

What can teachers do to spark more interest in nutrition with their students? Quik n’ Crispy has a few tips:

  1. students with school lunchesIf school kids don’t like meal choices, change the lunch menu options. Get some feedback about the foods students like and dislike. Add healthier versions of their favorite food items to the school lunch menu to limit food waste.
  2. Encourage students to try out new foods. Teachers should promote the benefits of healthy lunch menu items to their classes.
  3. Teach students about the importance of nutrition, and why it’s essential for their good health. Teaching about nutrition and healthy food choices can be incorporated into school projects. Assign the kids homework that involves planning a healthy meal, and ask students to bring the meal to class as a fun, interactive project. They can trade items from their meals with other kids in the class to create new, healthy lunch options.

School food waste is a problem that can be fixed. Want to serve healthy school meals the kids won’t want to throw away? Call Quik n’ Crispy for more information on our ventless fryer.

Share the Love: Preparing Your Restaurant for Valentine’s Day

Make this Valentine's Day extra special with Quik n' Crispy!

The Valentine’s Day season is a popular time for travel, and folks on vacation love to create memories of their journey by “checking-in” at restaurants on social media. Everyone is a possible critic in today’s high tech world, and restaurants live and die by the online review. There are countless ways to improve service, but if you’re a restauranteur looking to provide the ultimate dining experience for your guests, nothing is better than connecting emotionally with each person that walks through the door. Preparing your restaurant for Valentine’s Day by adding a Quik n’ Crispy commercial fryer to your kitchen is a great way to create an experience vacationing lovers will rave about.

The Way to Their Heart…

is through the palette, of course. The Quik n’ Crispy Hot-Air Fryer prepares meals faster than conventional frying without the unhealthy grease, so customers at your establishment can enjoy a delicious, quick date meal and leave feeling sexy.

Waiting is the Hardest Part…

Any good restaurant manager knows the only wait time that matters is the one customers have to endure after they order. Valentine’s Day lovers will stand in line smooching until the cows come home, but after their order is placed the real countdown begins. Adding a Quik n’ Crispy fryer to your kitchen arsenal can significantly reduce wait times, helping your customers feel the love, and not the burn of a long wait.

Share the Love…

Keeping a fully staffed kitchen after peak times is an unnecessary waste of money. A Quik n’ Crispy fryer makes providing fast, great tasting meals more affordable for restaurant owners by cutting down on labor costs, rendering this piece of equipment a must have for the cost-conscious restauranteur.

Healthy foods to help customers keep New Year’s resolutions

new-years-eve-1664737_1280Healthy eating should always be one of the most important of all New Year’s resolutions at the top of the list. Why is that? Because, to be perfectly honest, nothing is as crucial as making sure you are guarding your health and heart. How can you do this? Please read on. You will be happy you did.

Taking charge of your health can begin at any time of the year. However, the New Year is the best time to make a move, because it means a clean slate and a whole new start to a much healthier body and heart. How can you make healthy eating happen? You should:

*Start with a clean slate. Get your pantry clean and organized. Get rid of any junk food, sugary things, and all things bad.

*Be truthful with yourself and your better health goal. Make sure to eat fruits and veggies every day.

*Cook more and cook healthier. Develop healthy recipes and find ways to cook food with less fat and grease in them.

Do you have customers that need healthy foods and need to keep their New Year’s resolutions? If the answer is yes, there is a greaseless commercial fryer that can help. You can assist your customers in getting healthy and staying healthy with the Quik n’ Crispy.

What are the benefits that this special hot air and greaseless fryer does have? They are:

*The Quik n’ Crispy makes delicious food that is 20% to 40% less fat and grease free

*Clearly gives businesses the “healthy” edge in the New Year

Want to make a New Year’s resolution for better food service that’s all good and then some? Quik n’ Crispy can make it happen.

Attract Holiday Diners with Savory Chicken Dishes

Nothing beats the comfort of a home-cooked holiday meal, but food prepared in a Quik n’ Crispy comes close. It preserves the flavor, juiciness, and texture of meats and sides without the hours slaving over the stove. And with 1 in 10 people eating out on Christmas Eve, holiday menus are a must for food service businesses. As you prepare your holiday menus this year, don’t forget to add hearty chicken dishes to the selection. No other commercial fryer can prepare chicken that tastes homemade in a fraction of the time.

Savory Chicken Dishes for the Holidays

The Quick n’ Crispy cooks a variety of chicken dishes to perfection. Serve up crispy, juicy fried chicken, succulent chicken breasts and drumsticks, and tasty chicken sandwiches from these QNC’s food partners.

  • The Brakebush Brothers offer a selection of wings, cutlet, strips, nuggets, and patties with spices, glazes, breading, or plain. Try their fully-cooked chicken fillets with grill-marks or their honey-touched chicken dinners for a tasty, elegant holiday meal.
  • glazed chicken with friesPierce Foods has breaded chicken, herb marinated pieces, sweet-and-smokey selections, marinated or breaded fillets, sticks, strips, cutlets, patties, nuggets, and even chicken tenderloins. Your customers will never guess they’re so easy to fry and serve—they taste that good!
  • Tyson Foods, Inc is a well-known partner, and for good reason. In addition to fried and natural style thighs, breasts, and drumsticks, they offer a wide range of glazed chicken. A few of our favorites are the oriental glazed wings, Wings of Fire, jumbo BBQ wings, lemon pepper fillets, and Italian fillets.

No holiday meal would be complete without savory sides. To round out your 2017 menu, view Quik n’ Crispy’s 34-page menu.