3 Things You Didn’t Know About the Quik n’ Crispy!

We talk a lot about our greaseless fryers here, and with good reason: we think they’re a great addition to any business. This month, we thought we’d go a little deeper. Here are 3 things you might not know about the Quik N’ Crispy Greaseless Fryer!

  1. quik n' crispy skate expoWe offer lease programs! The investment pays off quickly for most business owners, but if you’re not in the position to purchase a QnC right now, you can easily lease one! Give your business a boost while saving up to purchase your own greaseless fryer. Typically, we’ll get back to you regarding your leasing application within 24 hours. Rates do fluctuate, but they generally come to about $2.50 per day. You’ll earn that back in a single sale!
  2. Are you worried about maintenance? Don’t be. We offer a service plan to give you peace of mind. Is your business open late or early in the morning (or both)? Our plan includes phone support 24 hours a day to diagnose and repair QnC units at any time. We know food service is an around-the-clock business, so you’ll never have to wait for “normal” business hours.
  3. We also offer rebates! That’s right; with the purchase of any Quik n’ Crispy greaseless fryer, you receive back up to $931 in free food and monetary rebates. Of these, up to $430 are direct cash rebates!

When you’re ready to get your own Quik N’ Crispy Greaseless Fryer, don’t hesitate! Contact us and let’s get your business on the road to greater success, greater profit margins, lower fat, and tastier foods!

Visit Us at One of Many Upcoming Tradeshows!

healthy foodThe team at Quik n’ Crispy is excited to catch up with all of you at our upcoming tradeshows! We would love to talk to you about our greaseless fryers, discuss the latest and greatest in food service, and offer samples of delicious food.

If you have any questions about greaseless fryers, please contact us today.

Over the next few months, we’ll be visiting Virginia, Nevada, Texas, Missouri, and Illinois! Will we see you at one of the tradeshows? Check out where we’ll be!

Herndon, Virginia

Las Vegas, Nevada

Denton, Texas

St. Louis, Missouri

Chicago, Illinois

San Antonio, Texas

  • June 17 – 20: Texas Association of School Nutrition (TASN) Annual Conference)at Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center

Quik n’ Crispy will have a booth setup, and we will answer all of your questions about our greaseless fryers. Additionally, we’ll be offering special financing deals if you want to purchase one of our amazing fryers!

Our team is so excited to see you at a tradeshow this year. Until then, discover how you can increase your business revenue in 2018!

Healthier Facilities in 2018 with a Quik n’ Crispy

The beginning of the year is commonly seen as a time for change, renewal, and self-improvement. Every January, millions of people make New Year’s Resolutions–and around 20% of them resolve to eat healthier, get in better shape, lose weight, or somehow improve their physical fitness. If your facility is looking for a way to help your students or employees achieve their goals, eat better, and get over some of the post-holiday blues, it might be time to invest in a Quik n’ Crispy greaseless fryer!

Whether you’re serving food at a hospital, a school or university, an assisted living facility, a daycare, or an employee cafeteria, food options with 20-40% less fat and calories that are still tasty and comforting will boost morale. Your employees will know you are committed to their health and wellbeing and will feel valued. Parents, adult children, and other caregivers will rest easier as they understand that their loved ones are getting healthier options without sacrificing quality and taste. In many cases taste actually improves–did you know the QnC greaseless fryers actually cook up a crispier exterior than traditional oil fryers? It can even handle frozen pizza, pretzels, and baking hot sandwiches. Plus, since there’s less oil, it’s safer for the environment and your kitchen staff!

No matter what kind of facility you manage, a little extra consideration for patients, students, employees, and others can only help your success. Make the commitment to a healthier, happier, and tastier facility this year with a QnC greaseless fryer!

Increase Your Business Revenue in 2018!

The turn of the year isn’t just a good time to make personal resolutions–it’s also a great time for business owners to take stock and reassess goals and strategies. One of the tastiest ways to do that is to invest in the Quik n’ Crispy line of products! How can the QnC help increase your business revenue in 2018?plated food in kitchen

First of all, if you want to sell food, consider the investment and time-commitment of a full kitchen and trained staff versus that of the QnC. Your business won’t need a dedicated room or any fancy equipment to serve restaurant-quality treats, just a QnC, a freezer, and a cash register to ring up all your profits!

The QnC is not only affordable, it’s also simple and easy to operate. No intense training is needed. Plus, since there’s so much less oil, it’s not only healthier for your customers, it’s safer for the operator and better for the environment. Aren’t you tired of smelling all that grease? That’s not a problem with the QnC!

Don’t think that a greaseless fryer will limit your menu, either. In fact, the opposite is true. You can cook hundreds of items in our line of fryers, including the most popular bar foods in the US, many with 50% to 70% profit margins! QnC owners have found that food sales can become 20-23% of the total revenue at their center with a relatively small upfront capital investment. Typical payback occurs in three months or less.

If you’re looking for an easy way to increase your revenue in 2018 (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) consider a Quik n’ Crispy greaseless fryer. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

New Year, New Menu Design

The design of the menu may not seem all that important, but it can make a huge impact on how customers place food orders. Think about it: this is often their first impression of the foods you offer. Whatever customers think of your menu will subconsciously transfer to what they think of your food. With the new year approaching, it’s a great time evaluate your menu and refresh its look. Here are some tips for an eye-catching menu design.

    • Be Logical. Most menus are laid out in the general order that food is eaten, from appetizers to desserts. The easier it is for customers to find what they want, the easier it is for them to order more.
    • Keep It Simple, Silly. Whether in terms of your graphic design or your language, don’t overload your customers. Draw attention to the items you want to highlight using symbols and icons, but remember that if everything is highlighted, nothing is.
    • Get Professional Help. It can be tempting to make a lot of restaurant work DIY, but there are some instances where a little outside assistance can mean a huge boost. Hiring a graphic designer to put together an attractive, appetizing menu will go a long way towards increasing your sales.

Don’t forget that great menu will only go so far–you also need great food to sell! That’s where the Quik n’ Crispy Greaseless Fryers come in. Check out our FAQ and our menus to see all the tasty options you can provide for your customers, with less fat and calories but all the taste!

Holiday Treats in the Quik n’ Crispy!

This time of year is all about food, and especially desserts! Here at Quik n’ Crispy we’re so excited for all the tasty sweets in our future. We’ll all start dieting in January anyway, right? You can bet your customers are also excited about seasonal goodies. Cater to their excitement with some of our favorite selection of sweets that can be prepared in the Quik n’ Crispy greaseless fryers!


  • If cinnamon and sugar are your taste of choice, try the ten inch churros from J&J Snack Foods. A warm chocolate or raspberry dipping sauce will make this treat even more festive.
  • For an easy, hand-held treat that will warm hands as well as bellies, try the classic fruit turnovers by Lamb-Weston. These delicious goodies come in apple and cherry, so your customers can choose their favorite seasonal fruit.
  • For even more variety, consider offering the Stuff n Puff crispy, stuffed bite-sized triangles. These come in so many flavors: cream cheese and apple, Bavarian cream, strawberry, apple, raspberry, and cherry. You’ll be able to cater to every preference!

That’s not all that you can prepare in the QnC, of course! We’ve tested hundreds of items in our greaseless fryers. This is just a sampling of some of our favorites. Check out our full menu here and experiment ‘till you find your customers’ favorites. If you’d rather skip straight to the best stuff (and who could blame you during the holidays?) all the desserts are on page 34! When you cook in the Quik n’ Crispy, your customers get less of the unhealthy stuff but all the taste!

Increase Profits with the Most Profitable Bar Foods

You already know that Quik n’ Crispy greaseless fryers will give your customers healthier, tastier options while being easier for your employees. But what about cost? Let’s talk profits! We’ve done a lot of research into this; check out the top 5 most profitable bar items you can cook with a Quik n’ Crispy.

  • onion rings and wingsCheese Sticks. Did you know customers in the US eat an average of 23 pounds of cheese per person, per year? And really, who can blame us? Cheese is delicious, especially when it’s encased in crispy, golden-brown breading. According to our research, you should be able to secure $1.73 in profit margin per serving of cheese sticks, which is a pretty tidy sum given the popularity of these appetizers.
  • Char-Broiled Hamburger. What’s more American than a burger? Try a $1.40 profit margin. And yes, the Quik n’ Crispy can grill burgers!
  • Chicken Patty Sandwich. Breaded chicken sandwiches are just better when they’re not oozing oil everywhere. You should be able to secure a $1.30 profit margin per sandwich!
  • Onion Rings. Nothing ruins a delicious, crispy onion ring faster than soggy breading and grease. Air fryers make that a thing of the past, so you can focus on the $1.25 profit margin per order.
  • Mini Corn Dogs. Not only are they delicious, they’re also adorable! They’re also profitable, bringing in about $1.20 per order.

For more information on QnC’s methodology and research, click here. And of course, don’t limit yourself to these options–there are hundreds of items you can cook in the Quik n’ Crispy!

3 Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

Can you believe it’s almost time for Thanksgiving? thanksBefore we know it we’ll be staring down the massive consumer holiday that is Black Friday. How can your small business get a piece of this spending pie and show your customers how much you appreciate them? Check out these suggestions for Thanksgiving marketing ideas from the folks here at Quik n’ Crispy!

  1. ‘Tis the season to be giving. Make it easier for your customers to give back to their community by hosting a canned food drive or a winter clothing drive, or sign up to be a Toys for Tots collection point. You can give back to them and encourage generosity by offering a small discount or coupon with each donation.
  2. What are the holidays without delicious treats? Promote holiday-related food items to get your customers into the spirit. Pumpkin spice is popular for a reason, but don’t limit yourself. Think warm, comforting foods with seasonal fruits and lots of gooey sweetness. And remember pumpkin spice is really just a combination of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice, sometimes with clove as well. Experiment and see what you can do to spice up your menu. Remember that a greaseless fryer will help you do all this without the mess!
  3. And finally, why not throw a holiday party? Have music, decorations, holiday treats, and even a gift wrap station to thank your customers and liven things up for your employees. This is also a great time to have a holiday sale or offer coupons!

No matter how you choose to thank your customers, know that we at Quik n’ Crispy are thankful for you!

How to Cater Your Menu to Health-Conscious Customers

It’s hard to deny that our society is shifting towards healthier eating. How can your business cater to more health-conscious customers in your menu? Try these ideas: girl eating watermelon

  • First, keep your customers informed. Providing nutritional information, such as calorie counts, on your menu, or in an easily accessible place, will help people make choices that are right for them. This is also a great way to highlight the more healthful options you offer. Consider a special section of the menu dedicated to healthy eating.
  • Second, look at your options. Are you offering anything healthy? It’s hard to highlight what you don’t have! Options that are lower in calories, sugar, or carbohydrates are an easy place to start. Offer more fresh vegetables on your menu. Also consider vegetarian or vegan options. Not only do these tend to be healthier, but they also open your business up to the 7 million people in the US who eat a plant-based diet.
  • Finally, use a Quik n’ Crispy Greaseless Fryer to cut the grease, oil, and fat from your fried foods. Check out our menu for all the things you can make easier this way. Items like egg rolls, french fries, mozzarella sticks, and even pizza will be tastier and healthier than ever with an up to 30% reduction in calories.

Implementing menu changes isn’t always a snap, but with the Quik n’ Crispy fryers you’ll find it’s a lot easier. Plus, our customers agree that our greaseless fryers are well worth the investment! Contact us with questions and let’s get your business started on the healthy food plan.

Get Your Company a Slice of the Pie

October is National Pizza Month! In the US, people purchase something like 3 billion pizzas every year. That’s a pizza for 10% of the population! With well over 250 million pounds of pizza consumed every year, how do you stand out? Simple: pick up a Quick n’ Crispy ventless fryer. In addition to all the other great foods you can make, they’re perfect for pizza. 

Not only can the Quik n’ Crispy cook either fresh or frozen pizza easily, it can easily switch between them. We worked with customers and tasters extensively to make sure that our product works on America’s favorite food. Take advantage of our food rebates, or put your own stamp on pizza by making your own dough, sauce, and cheese mixtures. Cooking pizza to order has never been easier or healthier than with a Quik n’ Crispy ventless fryer.

You don’t need any special equipment to cook pizza in our ventless fryers. That being said, our customers have spoken, and they say that our specially-designed pizza basket is totally worth the investment! It cuts cooking time down to about six minutes per pizza, and keeps hot, melty cheese contained.

Get your business a slice of the $32 billion customers spend on pizza every year! If you have any questions about the Quik n’ Crispy greaseless fryer, the pizza basket accessory, or how it can help you, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Nutritious, delicious food is our passion here at QnC, and we’d love to share it with you.